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Once you find a suitable cruise and you like to book, we follow the next procedure:




You make a reservation through email to us for a certain number of berths or cabins on this cruise.


After checking availability, we confirm your reservation and send you a contract and reservation invoice.


As soon as you receive the contract, please read it thoroughly, and resend it to us signed with your statement of understanding and agreement.


Once we confirmed your reservation, the berths you reserved are blocked for a period of 10 days, starting at the day of our confirmation. During these 10 days your deposit of 30% of the total purchase price according the reservation invoice should be transferred to us. If we receive this deposit within these 10 days, your reservation turns into an official booking.
If we don’t receive your deposit in time, your reservation is cancelled and berths will become vacant to others.


To finalize this booking, the balance payment of 70% of the total purchase price should be received in our account 3 months before actual departure of the cruise. If we don’t receive the final payment in time, your booking will be cancelled and berths will become vacant to others.


If you make a reservation 3 months or less before actual cruise departure, we ask you to transfer 100% of the total purchase price within 10 days into our account in order to finalize the booking directly.


These are our general booking and payment rules. In exceptional situations, boat operators can dictate different regulations which we have to follow. We will inform you accordingly.

Cancellation policies differ per boat operator and will be explained to you in the contract.